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Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below. If you have other specific questions, please ask us.


  • Why do I need a Liqui-Pod?

    If you need liquid storage for industry, manufacturing, emergency response, disaster preparedness, oil and gas production, drought relief, potable water production and storage…then you need Liqui-Pod.
  • What are Liqui-Pods?

    Liqui-Pods are the original Intermodal Shipping Container based liquid storage, transportation, and distribution system. With an emphasis on safety, security and flexibility, Liqui-Pod has the innovation for you.
  • Can anybody buy or lease a Liqui-Pod?

    Simply put…Yes. Liqui-Pod is intended for use by every sector of the population.
  • Can I change what I keep in the Liqui-Pod?

    A resounding yes! Part of what makes Liqui-Pod so unique and user friendly is the ability for virtually anyone to change the Flexi-Pod bladder. This does NOT require any specialized training or equipment. This also eliminates the risks associated with confined space operations and cleaning. And, if you save the bladder for reuse, you can minimize waste production.
  • Are there any restrictions on what can go into a Liqui-Pod?

    Liqui-Pods are designed for storage of any liquid that can be pumped Liqui-Pods come in various models that will allow for fuels, foods and or chemical storage. Make sure you stipulate what you wish to use the Liqui-Pod for and your distributor will help guide you.
  • Can I store potable (drinking) water in a Water-Pod?

    Yes – yes and yes! The Water-Pod got it’s origins in the effort for drought relief worldwide. With the appropriate Flexi-Pod, the Water-Pod becomes a great water storage and distribution tool.
  • How do I know a Water-Pod is safe for potable water storage?

    A new Water-Pod that was ordered for potable water storage will come from the factory sealed and certified for potable water use. Providing that the proper care and use instructions are followed, a typical potable Water-Pod can be used and reused for many years.
  • Can Liqui-Pods be stacked when full?

    Yes, the 10’ and 20’ units can. As Liqui-Pods are built into the Intermodal Shipping Containers – they are reinforced to add even greater strength and durability. The weight of a 40’ container full may be a factor for some applications when stacking. Always be sure that the area you want to stack anything – especially Liqui-Pod is stable enough to support the weight.
  • Can Liqui-Pods be transported full?

    Yes, again, the 10’ and 20’ units should be within Department of Transportation (DOT) standards when loaded properly. A 40’ Liqui-Pod full will weigh in excess of 100,000 lbs. These are the only limiting factors we are aware of. The Intermodal shipping containers are the most common shipping containers in the world. So long as the transporter does not violate any weight restrictions by DOT or the local and state transportation ordinances.
  • Do Liqui-Pods really eliminate confined space entries for industrial applications?

    Our proprietary bulkhead systems (patents pending) eliminate the need for any and all confined space entries. Making our products safer, by reducing risk and exposure for clients and employees. The design of our proprietary bulkhead allows for a full size entry door providing complete access and accessibility to the Flexi-Pod bladder compartment. Tank cleaning will soon become a thing of the past as Liqui-Pods simply require the Flexi-Pod bladder to be changed when a customer wishes to re-task the pod to a different product or commodity. There is no need for a confined space tank cleaning crew, stand by rescue services, or the additional waste generated by the cleaning process. The Flexi-Pod bladder can simply be rolled up and removed for storage, recycling or disposal.
  • Can a Liqui-Pod be any color I want?

    Yes. Typical colors are white and beige. Custom colors are available along with vinyl wraps. Should you want the pod to have your logo, project promotional information, or look like a snow covered mountain, a rock wall or your favorite pet, we can have a vinyl wrap made to suit your needs.
  • Do Liqui-Pods require any specialty proprietary equipment to move them?

    No. Intermodal Shipping Containers by design are made to be moved by forklift, top-pick, crane, Tilt bed truck or trailer, etc. We can also install guide rails so the pods can be moved via “roll-off” trucks.

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