Finally! Truly innovative temporary – portable – transportable liquid storage solutions. The oil and gas industry have long been held hostage by a few companies that have not innovated their temporary liquid storage solutions in decades. The variations on a single theme have never addressed some of the most plaguing issues for these industries:

  • Portability without specialized equipment – virtually every facility has a forklift and a flatbed!
  • Transportability while full – A 10’ & 20’ ©Oil-Pod can be transported full!
  • Confined Spaces Hazards – with our proprietary innovations we have virtually eliminated the need for a confined space entry, confined space crew and confined space stand by rescue.
  • The cost savings and risk reduction quite simply cannot be overstated. This coupled with the reduction in waste generation makes Oil-Pod a more than viable option.
  • No more cleaning of tanks where the cost often exceeds the value of the tank itself.
  • Simply put, it is safer, cheaper and faster to change a bladder than clean a tank


There is no need for a confined space tank cleaning crew, stand by rescue services, or the additional waste generated by the cleaning process.