At ©Think-Pod we are always seeking to develop sustainable solutions for overcoming the challenges of both today and tomorrow.  Through pioneering innovation, the simple and yet durable design of the Liqui-Pod line of products can be expanded and adapted to offer endless possibilities beyond basic storage, transportation, and distribution of liquids.

For wild-land firefighting operations. This two pod application allows for a central Water-Pod to be the hub for receipt and supply of valuable water resources. Water can be supplied to this pod via air drop, water tender of pump from an available water source i.e. lake , stream or ocean.

Fully self-contained and designed to work in tandem, the Dip-Pod system employs a roof top collection system for aerial delivery of water as well as on board pump and hose combinations this unit to draw water from an available source and deliver it to the Dip-Pod up to 300’ away.