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©Water-Pods are designed to safely contain liquids of virtually any type. When using our food grade Flexi-Pod liners, your Water-Pod can be used for potable water, wine, corn syrup, olive oil, or virtually any consumable liquid. The water-Pod concept allows for easily interchangeable Flexi-Pod bladders to change from product to product in a matter of minutes with no confined space concerns.

  • Water-Pods can be stacked to save space or plumbed together as a system in a variety of configurations.
  • Water-Pods can easily be outfitted with pumps and water distribution equipment to assist with the delivery and intake of either potable or reclaimed water.
  • Water-Pods provide added security unlike a traditional tank or flexi bladder
  • Each Water-Pod container is reinforced and built to withstand harsh operational and environmental conditions.

The Water-Pod is designed to allow distribution equipment and control features to operate securely and safely from inside the unit enabling the doors to be kept closed and locked, protecting the product while the tank is in use.


  • Easily transportable by truck, rail or ship.
  • They can be moved while empty, full or partially full.
  • There is no proprietary equipment required to move a Water-Pod, as these types of containers are standardized and readily available virtually anywhere in the world.

The uses for Water-Pods almost too numerous to mention – but we do have a list!


In a world where water supplies are becoming increasingly stressed, Water-Pods offer common sense durable and affordable water storage solutions that can be a critical part of building sustainable water systems providing users with water for their commercial, domestic, agriculture, firefighting, and emergency response needs.