Liqui-Pod will make a donation to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation for every Pump-Pod sold in the United States.


  • The ©Pump-Pod is another innovation, brought about by the need to train for a fire engineer’s exam, where we have transformed our Water-Pod units into training aids.
  • Pump-Pods come in two models, mobile and stationary. The mobile Pump-Pod is easily transportable from one fire station to another allowing firefighters to train between calls maximize training time. The stationary units can support full scale fire ground operations and are an excellent choice for fire training centers.
  • The Pump-Pod holds and recycles a static amount of water while the fire engines pump the same water over and over again during training and testing operations.
  • Pump-Pods eliminate the need for free flowing water to be wasted by the tens of thousands of gallons every time a fire department needs to train their firefighters and engineers.
  • Fire hoses and related training equipment can be conveniently stored and secured behind the heavy duty locked doors of the Pump-Pod.
  • Pump-Pods come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Each unit is custom designed specifically for your Department’s needs.
  • Call our design team at Liqui-Pod to help create an essential piece of training equipment that helps maximize proficiency of your Fire Department.